Understanding video options
  • 26 Apr 2023
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Understanding video options

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There are a few different options available to you when creating your Squigl video. Here we explain them all.

After you create your script and set up your audio track, you then get to choose from a few options to make your video more dynamic.


Images in Squigl are associated with words from your script.  We refer to this link by using the term "keywords". 

  • Let Squigl select keywords:  Use this option to allow our A.I. to run context analysis on your message.  Then the app will select the best images for your video.
  • Let me select keywords:  Use this option if you want to pick each key word to associate with images you may already have in mind.

You can let Squigl take the first pass at the images and then change out what you don't like later on.

Images per Canvas

"Canvas" is a term we use to describe each frame, or screen, within Squigl.  You can think of each canvas as a separate slide in a presentation, or a different scene you want to depict.  
If you want Squigl's A.I. to group together different concepts and images, select "Let Squigl select the number of glyphs".  If you want to be more directive with each canvas, go with the "Let me select..." option.

Glyphs or Images

'Glyphs' are the animated whiteboard drawings which are key to our videos.  They are what capture the viewers interest, as the lines appear while the audio is playing, to fully engage your audience.  Squigl also offers animated flaticons if you aren't finding a glyph which fits your needs. 

Images are static, unanimated pictures. 
For more on glyphs, check out this in depth article on the topic!

Hand Illustrations

Part of what makes whiteboard animated videos so engaging, is the concept of being hand-drawn.  If you are using only glyphs in your video, you can choose to have them illustrated by a hand.
If you select this option, it can always be changed later on within the video editor

Background Image

We recommend adding a background image to all of your videos, since they make them more engaging.  You can use an image file from your computer or even search Bing or Pickit for something.
For more on Background Images, check out this in depth article on the topic!

Have a logo or an image you want to appear in all scenes of your video?  Upload a file and pick the best placement.  This can be repositioned later on or removed entirely, if you change your mind.

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